6Scan Website Vulnerability Scanner for Web Hosting

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6Scan Website Vulnerability Scanner for Web Hosting

The online world is growing rapidly. With that, the number of malware that targets websites, often time websites of small businesses, has also increased dramatically. Sometimes these small websites are being targeted because they can be used as a launching pad for further attacks to other websites. For small businesses, especially those who do their businesses solely online, these malware attacks are costly. They lead to loss of customers, staff productivity, and even blacklisting by Google.

To help small businesses defend themselves against malware attack, 6Scan – a leader in website security for small businesses that is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, launched a website scanner service in January 2013. This website scanner not only scan the websites for vulnerability, but also repair them and remove any malware found.


Dual Scan – 6Scan’s Dual Scan feature extends the scanning capabilities of its old product, a plugin for the popular content management platform WordPress, to all websites running on Apache Web servers. The Dual Scan technology is a proactive approach to website security. It performs real-time scan on websites for malware and vulnerabilities that can potentially harm them, and delivers a detailed report with instructions for the user to fix the vulnerabilities manually afterwards. This Dual Scan feature is free to use.

Auto-fix – For paid customers, when the 6Scan website vulnerability scanner finds a malware on a website, the Auto-Fix feature kicks in immediately and tries to resolve the problem. It does this through a method called virtual patching, which intercepts user requests and modifies them such as known vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. It doesn’t modify the original files on the website. To use this feature, users have to install a small agent script on their web servers.

Additional Security – 6Scan offers a web application firewall to its customers. This firewall blocks out threats by comparing suspicious codes to codes of known malware. If the patterns match, then the suspicious codes are flagged as potential threats. Users who are more advanced and want more control over the security of their websites can configure this web application firewall according to their needs.
Simple Installation – You don’t have to be a sophisticated techie to use 6Scan’s website scanner. The installation is a simple and with just one click, you can secure your website from malware attacks.

Up-to-date Vulnerability Protection – 6Scan has a dedicated research team that specializes in finding undocumented malware and vulnerabilities. Once a new vulnerability is found, the Dual Scan and Auto-Fix features are updated with the new information automatically.

Notification – The scan results can be sent to the user by email or SMS messages. In case vulnerability is found during the scan, details on how to fix it can also be sent to the user by email or SMS messages.

Depending on their needs, there are 3 pricing options for customers to choose from.

•    Basic: For US$9.99 per month, basic users can scan their websites, which contain up to 100 pages, daily. Vulnerabilities but not malware can be fixed automatically.

•    Professional: For US$29.99 per month, professional users can scan up to 500 webpages hourly. Both website vulnerabilities and malware can be fixed automatically. The web application firewall is also available to professional users.

•    Enterprise: For US$49.99 per month, enterprise users can scan unlimited webpages hourly. All features are available to enterprise users.