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Top Hosting Companies India – HostGator India

These are the list of top web hosting companies in India with their basic details as comparison. The list gives you the top web hosts in India. Compare the hosting companies and decide for yourself. We feel that the top hosting company in India is Host Gator at

1.    GoDaddy India:

GoDaddy is really the daddy service of domain hosting business all across the world. It has over 10 million customers and 53 million domains all over the world. In India they are offering 4th Generation Hosting service, Dedicated India phone support along with local phone numbers, unlimited bandwidth and accept payments through Cash Cards, Mobile Payment and Net Banking too. Go Daddy is definitely a company that is here to stay.

2.    BigRock:

Bigrock is a part of Directi group, a leading company for hosting related products. It offers India based server, payment options are; Debit Card, Credit Card, Direct Bank Deposit, Draft & Cheque, Internet Banking and PayPal, unlimited email, disk space, domains, 24/7 email/phone/chat support for customers and 30 days money back guarantee.

3.    Hostgator India:

Hostgator needs no introduction as a web hosting company. It came in India in year 2011, offering India’s only tier 4 data center, 45 days money back guarantee, unlimited disk space, email accounts and bandwidth. Payment options are direct bank transfer, net banking, and credit card and debit card. Host Gator is one of our top picks.

Hostgator India
4.    Hosting Raja:

Hosting Raja is another popular hosting provider in India. It’s simple plan offers 500MB of web space, 5GB data transfer, 2 FTP accounts and 10 Email address. Additionally Hosting Raja provides free website builder tool and a free domain name.

More Information – Hostgator India:

Hostgator is currently internationally hosting around 8 million websites, 12,000 servers and is serving businesses since 2002. They are really great in their pricing, support and reliability. In India, Hostgator came in year 2011. It is using India’s only tire IV Ctrl’s data center which is situated at Hyderabad city. To make your web hosting payment easily they are offering direct bank transfer, credit and debit card payment, and internet banking. Hostgator is ready to accept payments in Indian currency that is Rupees (Rs.)

Features offered by Hostgator India:

•    Unlimited disk space.
•    Easy to use cPanel.
•    Unlimited band width, FTP accounts, Email accounts and Sub Domains.
•    Server is located in India for faster access time.
•    4,500 Website templates.
•    Free website builder and building tools.
•    99.9% guaranteed uptime.
•    There is no contract with 45 days money back guarantee.
•    Password protected directories
•    Unlimited MySQL database and phpMyAdmin access.
•    Web based File Manager.
•    52 free script and applications are ready to install in one click.
•    Supports CGI, PHP 5, RoR, Fast CGI, SSI, and Python etc.
•    Free website transfer, script transfer and Domain transfer.
•    Website analysis tools like Webalizer, Raw log manager, and Error logs etc.


This is the overview of the best hosting companies available in India and surely anyone can find more than this list. But among all, the Hostgator is the one offering the best hosting services and tools. In very less cost they are ready to offer a huge amount of hosting services and tools. It is very secure, reliable, and easy to manage. Their customer support service is also much effective and hosting support all updated scripting language. Above all else do your research and decide what hosting company is right for you! They are all different so find the hosting company that will meet your needs.


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How to Install WordPress Manually on Hostgator

Hostgator Features:

Hostgator is the most popular hosting provider services and largest privately owned company in the world. It has now more than 8 million domains and 12,000 servers under management. Over 500 companies, including 200 countries and more than 400,000 satisfied customers depend on Hostgator for their business requirements. The resons why should you go with Hostgator are as follows:

•    Hostgator has a world class SoftLayer datacenter, which range from 22,000 to over 78,000 square feet. The place is having high class power supply system and uses HVAC technology. It will ensure your data safety.

•    A dedicated team for software monitoring to guarantee that all servers are up 24×7.

•    Unlimited features at very low cost. Just on the amount of $3.96/month, they offer unlimited storage, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited Email account, 99.9% uptime, and unlimited transfer bandwidth. If you are unsatisfied with any feature then you can claim 45 days money back guarantee.

•    Free site builder tools which includes 52 website building scripts, over 4,500 free templates, and free shopping cart software.

•    24 hour customer support to sort out all queries in timely manner, live chat system, countless videos tutorials and forum questions are already available on the official website.

Installing WordPress:

The complete process can be divided into following two steps:

1.    Generating Database details

2.    Installing WordPress manually

1.    Generating Database details:

•    Login your cPanel and from Database block and click on MySQL Databases.

1 CS

•    Create a new database and provide a name to it. ‘demo’ is given in the following example.

2 CS

•    Create a new database user. In MySQL user, select a new database user and provide the name and password for this. Remember this entry as it will be used again in WordPress Installation.

3 cs

Set up your WordPress site with HostGator now – click here to set up your WordPress site or blog with Host Gator

•    Now provide this user privileges. You will be redirected to a window and select “All Privileges”

4 CS

•    Now select this user to manage your already created Database. Go to “Add user to Database”, choose from the database name and user and the click on Add.

5 CS

This will complete the database creation. Now you need to add a domain if you have not created yet.

Uploading WordPress Files:

Now you can visit your “File Manager” section of your domain.

6 cs

If you don’t have WordPress files then you can simply download it from official WordPress website and only in .zip format. Save it in your PC.

Now on File Manager window click on Upload Button. It will open a new Tab and select your WordPress zip file to upload from here.

7 CS

Once file has been completed then extract the zip file by selecting the file and clicking on Extract from the top panel. It will then ask you to select the path where files are to be extracted. Don’t make any changes and click on Extract Files.

8 cs

After the process complete, a folder might be created with the name wordpress. Move this folder to the main domain folder. Open the wordpress folder and then click on Select All then click on move. A pop will appear then chose the main domain path and click on Move Files.

9 cs

It will move all the wordpress files to main domain so that you can install the WordPress on main domain. After that you can delete the previous wordpress folder and make it empty.

Installing WordPress manually:

•    After completing the above step, you have uploaded the required thing to install WordPress. Now you need to create a config file. This can be done in two ways: either edit the wp-config.php file in WordPress or simply type your hosting URL and it will ask to “Create a Configuration File.” (Refer the image below)

10 cs

•    Fill out the information regarding your database you just created like Database name, Database username and Database password. Click on Submit after completion.

If all the information is correct then you will be prompt to “Run the Install” message. Click on the message and provide the login information for your WordPress Dashboard. This will complete the WordPress Installation on Hostgator.

11 cs

Set up your WordPress site with HostGator now – click here to set up your WordPress site or blog with Host Gator